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Welcome to “Goin To The Dogs”, a website all about dogs … dog training, dog news and dog stuff!  we want this site to be fun, educational and full of doggy things that are going to make you want to return again and again to see what is new.

I am a dog trainer of almost 20 years.  I have been training dogs in all disciplines such as scent detection – narcotics, tracking and support, behavior modification such as timidity, fear and aggression. dog and puppy training.

I am a little bit different as I don’t get involved with the treat/compulsion debate between dog trainers.  I think they are a little like republicans and democrats … just enough right to make them very dangerous.

I try to train a dog or puppy based on his/her temperament and personality.  It is all about Motivation.  Motivation =Praise plus Consequence.  I praise the heck out of our dogs when they are being good and obeying my commands.  And, i provide a mild “bite” or consequence when they do something we don’t like and they know we don’t like it.

Before anyone gets bent out of shape let me explain my beliefs.  Have you ever seen two dogs that like each other in the yard?  What are they doing?  They are running, playing, biting, bumping, posturing, growling and barking.  They are being both physical and verbal … and, they are COMMUNICATING in their dog language.

Why should we expect them to understand what we want when we can’t even talk to them in their language …

Does this sound interesting?  If so, follow along as I finish the rest of my story and just see if it doesn’t make sense to you.



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